March 28th 2023


By David Gross

During Q1 we have focused on upgrading our technology in multiple areas.


NTAS Next Gen

Q1 saw a major product update to NTAS, with release of our Next Gen version as part of the journey to a digital-focused, cloud-native platform.

Next Gen is a total technology change. We have moved from SAP SQL Anywhere to a Microsoft SQL Server database platform, bringing improved performance and scalability.

In addition, we moved from an older Java framework to the Angular web application design framework and development platform. Angular is a modern, well-maintained and supported framework, backed by Google and a massive community, that will give us a strong and stable user interface for current and future development. For clients, that will translate to modern design and objects, flexibility for the future, and greater performance and stability.

Together, the updates will further enhance the NTAS platform’s scalability, flexibility and agility.


ManTra 2023

We also released ManTra 2023 in Q1. The ManTra upgrade features a collection of updated functionality, including:

  • dp360 – a multifunctional, fully-customisable online portal designed to deliver the rich, intuitive digital experiences today’s users want.
  • dpInk – a comprehensive e-form tool that makes paper forms and manual signatures obsolete.

The dpInk functionality – which comes as an add-on to the dp360 portal – allows users to complete, digitally sign and submit any form they need online, from subscriptions and redemptions to tax declarations and personal detail updates. The result: investors enjoy faster, easier service interactions, while fund administrators and investment managers minimise their costs and workloads.

To find out how to take advantage of dpInk contact your relationship manager.


KURE enhancements for FATCA/CRS reporting

In Q1, we added bulk reporting functionality for FATCA and CRS. The change allows users to export FATCA/CRS xml reports for multiple RFIs at once, improving reporting efficiency. We also added support for more jurisdictions (the UK, Netherlands and Canada) to our FATCA and CRS offering.


Updates on the horizon



During the coming year we will introduce AI-powered ID verification in our KURE regulatory compliance solution to enhance clients’ Know Your Client and Know Your Business processes. Working with our AI partners, the technology will be able to recognise a customer’s identity document, map it to their face, then validate it is a live human being and the correct person.

We are updating the KURE user interface as well to make it increasingly user-friendly.



Upcoming developments to dpWorkflow, Deep Pool’s business process management tool, will see OAuth2 support for incoming mail server connections so users can connect to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. We are adding Group Dashboards to enable the central control and management of Dashboards across teams. Location-based SLAs will allow SLA timings to be tied to specific locations, including observing their respective time schedules and holiday calendars.


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