Deep Pool FAQs

Does your technology support investor servicing in any jurisdiction?
Deep Pool is the world’s #1 investor services solution provider, with institutions around the world trusting us to power their business. Our holistic functionality automates and streamlines all aspects of investor servicing for offshore and onshore funds, partnerships, private equity vehicles, real estate and retail funds, and supports clients domiciled and operating in any jurisdiction.
Will I need multiple systems to handle all my investor servicing needs?
Deep Pool’s enterprise platform capabilities span the entire investor service value chain. Our integrated technology offering includes a sophisticated front-end portal, robust AML/KYC controls, transfer agency record keeping, shareholder registry services for all types of investment funds, support for complex fee calculations, and customisable reporting for investors and regulators, packaged in a simple, intuitive user experience. And our system capabilities are integrated together with a centralised workflow management tool for maximum processing speed and efficiency.
I don’t need an end-to-end investor servicing solution. Can I pick and choose the capabilities I use?
Our flexible system architecture and containerised microservices model allow clients to select from a range of modular capabilities to match their requirements. A centralised workflow management tool integrates those capabilities together to ensure seamless processing flow and efficiency.
Can I integrate your software with third-party fund accounting systems?
Yes. Our next-generation open architecture technology provides real-time integration and validation through a sophisticated API platform. It gives users the flexibility to integrate our software with their systems of choice, automating data exchange and ensuring data integrity across the ecosystem.
Does your software support private market investments?
We support all hedge fund, private equity, hybrid and retail fund structures in both onshore and offshore markets. Our software enables users to adopt a single operating model for their entire business, with consolidated reporting and a unified client experience.
Can your software cope with complex and highly-customised fees?
Deep Pool’s flexible fee engine supports the spectrum of performance and incentive fee methods for open- and closed-ended structures, delivering complex fee calculations across thousands of investors. Users can tailor the calculation as per the prospectus, without compromising robustness and scalability. Each fee method can be set up one time, providing investment managers and administrators with operational efficiency and error mitigation.
Will I be able to meet my clients’ bespoke reporting demands?
We offer a comprehensive library of customisable investor, regulatory, operational, audit and user-defined reports to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Users have the option of dynamic report scheduling and static report retrieval, with multi-format data export facilities. Report distribution is automated and gated (including four-eye review), ensuring the full message is sent out in a controlled fashion.
We want to digitalise our service offering. How can you help?
Deep Pool’s bespoke user web portal is fully integrated with our investor servicing software suite to deliver dynamic digital experiences that give end users more control and freedom. Powerful self-service capabilities allow investors to submit orders and documents online. Orders are available in real time, with the administrator able to take them through the investment process using automated rules and workflow capabilities, while managers receive up-to-date information on capital flows. End-users can access reports on their schedule through the portal, rather than waiting on mail or file delivery. Reports can be taken from any source system, enabling administrators and investment managers to provide their clients with a single, aggregated communications outlet.
Can I comply with global data retention regulations?
Our solution can purge and mask customer data, track inactive or obsolete accounts, and monitor jurisdictions’ data retention policies to help our clients operate in a controlled and compliant fashion.
Does your technology support firms using multiple distribution networks?
Our systems are connected to all the main distribution networks across the different regions of the world.
What is your approach to user and data security?
Best practice user and data security protections are embedded in our technology, ensuring the data that investment managers and administrators have in their custody is protected and managed in a controlled fashion at all times. Core security protections include dual key for critical data; maker/checker controls for all data inputs, edits and deletions; row-level security; and tailored permissions to keep each user’s access rights and view of data appropriate to their role.
Can you help me comply with AML/KYC rules?
Our holistic compliance tools can help you meet all your end-to-end AML and KYC responsibilities – from investor onboarding and ongoing client and account due diligence through to customer offboarding – efficiently and at scale. Customisable, risk-based client onboarding and account maintenance capabilities include advanced investor and beneficial owner screening to identify and verify identities, automated source of funds/wealth checks, risk profiling and a flexible rules engine for managing document checklists. Suspicious activity monitoring flags any activity that breaches user-defined parameters in real time, identifies AML risks, automates suspicious activity alerts and blocks accounts if suspicious events occur.
What is Deep Pool’s approach to helping clients manage regulatory change?
At Deep Pool, we work in partnership with our clients to smooth the impact of regulatory change on their business. We have an in-house team of experts who research and plan for all the regulatory updates and new rules being introduced around the world, ensuring our technology remains up-to-date and ready to help clients meet their regulatory responsibilities.
Do you support AEOI-compliant regulatory reporting?
AEOI-compliant processes using prescribed XML standards to support FATCA, CRS and other treaties are built into our solution. Required regulatory reports are generated in filing-ready state for the different jurisdictions, removing the need for conversion tools/third-party reporting services.
Can you host your software in the cloud?
Yes, if a client wants that. The way our investor servicing technology is structured gives us the flexibility to shift applications onto a third-party cloud service such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure as required.