Consolidate and control document inflows and smooth processing tasks with automated workflows and real-time oversight.


Streamline and automate your complex business processes.

Workflow automation
Customisable rules trigger automated actions for every kind of repeatable task, increasing teams’ efficiency and productivity.
Centralised dashboard
Track and query all your processing tasks, KPIs and other key data points in real time from a single dashboard, enabling you to view all your daily activities, identify problems and bottlenecks, and meet your SLAs.
Optimise resources
Automated routing of tasks to relevant teams based on user-defined rules optimises resource allocation and ensures higher quality outcomes.
Business process management engine
Flexible rules engine allows you to build robust controls around your business processes, and design bespoke processes for system management and administration.
Document management
Automatically read QR document barcodes and capture email and fax-delivered documents, then integrate relevant content - in full or part, through flexible document splitting - into business processes.
Automated checklists
Create bespoke, granular checklists for the procedures each business process must follow.
Track and meet SLAs
Create bespoke SLAs for each customer and timestamps allocating time for each step, track the status of processes in real time, and measure and report on adherence to the SLAs.
Real-time alerts
Customisable notifications provide real-time updates of any events, changes, processing steps or scheduled tasks.
Email tracking
Track all internal and external communications in one case file.
Flexible integration
Easy connectivity to any system to automate data inflows and outflows.
Regulatory compliance
Systematically adhere to fund and regulatory compliance rules and reporting requirements.
Audit trail
Track and record every processing stage to ensure tasks are completed correctly, while enabling easy review and rectification of problems.




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