User and Data Security

User and Data Security

ManTra utilizes all security features from Microsoft SQL server to guarantee best possible protection

  • Application Role
  • Microsoft Windows policies on standard logins, consistent policy is applied across all accounts in the domain
  • Password Policy Enforcement
  • Client-server communications are encrypted
  • User Schema Separation
  •  Execution Context
  • Catalog Security
  • Reduced Surface Area
  • Key Management

ManTra uses its own fully customizable security features to increase standard protection:

  • Row Level Security
  • Workflow process (SAS 70)
  • Full audit of all changes
  • Advanced application security allowing control access to individual features

ManTra Web application use all above plus extra security features:

  • User access control maintained by ManTra application
  • Web Row Level security
  • Run in safe mode
  • Using SSL encryption